YES: Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

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October 10 at 9:30am & 11:30am

 Grades Pre 2 – 8 | Running Time: 1 Hour

Tickets: $6

Co-Produced by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Inside a tiny case, two children and an ancient amulet in a neighbor’s attic. Before her disappearance, Gama Harriet had been a famed Egyptologist. But what is the meaning of the hieroglyphs inscribed on the amulet, or the scribbled warnings found in Harriet’s journal? Before they know it, the children are magically transported back to ancient Egypt in 620 BC where they meet Sema-tawy-tefnakht, a scribe to King Psamtik I. With his guidance, our two heroes unravel their mystery while your audience learns fascinating facts about one of the world’s most amazing cultures. They meet Princess Shepenwepet, the pharaoh’s daughter, and travel with her on a fateful sea journey to Thebes where, with our contemporary heroes’ help, she must establish a base of power to protect her father’s kingdom. And guess who is waiting for them there? rills, dazzling beauty and historic fact combine in this novel melding of child-friendly mystery and accurate cultural exploration.

Curriculum Connections: Art, Folk Tales and Mythology, History, Multi-Cultural, & Science